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OPINION: The bitter truth for the NPP executive and President Barrow
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OPINION: The bitter truth for the NPP executive and President Barrow

Banjul, KM and West Coast Region are very important regions for any sitting government, and President Barrow losing in these areas is a serious defeat and should be taken seriously. Most of us are not surprised about the outcome of the election because the writings were written all over.

One of the prominent questions that everyone is asking is: "How is it possible that a party that won on an imaginable margin during the presidential election, eventually lost its voter population in the parliamentary?" This requires an ethical and rational answer for NPP to regain momentum in the Kombos.

From the NPP Students' Wing WhatsApp group, the following factors were raised that led to the poor performance in the just-concluded NA Election.

1. The inauguration of Barrow was sabotaged. Those who voted were not invited to grace the occasion and those who were in charge did so to anger them.

2. In most regions and constituencies, the selection processes were marred by corruption and nepotism. Most of the candidates selected were not suitable or competent.

3. Most of the youths who wanted to contest and have the knowledge and ability to lead were not even nominated and were neglected after the presidential election.

4. The Foni incident caused political instability in the Foni region.

5. The NPP executive failed to come up with a strategy to discourage the independent candidates from contesting.

6. The escalation of prices of basic commodities in the market with no government intervention has seriously made some voters dash out the party out of their agenda, hence they were disappointed.

7. Most of the NPP executive do not receive peoples' calls after the December presidential election. They feel proud of themselves.

The following recommendations were made from the NPP Students' Wing WhatsApp group.

1. The NPP-led government needs to concentrate on Greater Banjul Area and West Coast to win their minds. Starting from the appointment of ministers, infrastructural development, security, and select strong NPP ambassadors in each village and town.

2. The NPP needs to restructure the party formation, hence there is no functioning structure in the NPP.

3. Let the president never try to compromise with the competence and merit of those he’s going to appoint as his ministers.

5. Let the villagers/indigenes of the fishing communities take ownership of their fishing centers and not the foreigners.

6. Let the president be solid in taking firm decisions for the betterment of his political career in fulfilling the national interest.

7. Let the president put more effort and consideration into road transportation, especially in Kombos.

9. The NPP should open up its doors to include young intellectuals, especially those who sacrificed their time, resources, and energy in supporting the President's Agenda throughout - through thick and thin.

The presidential election was won because all the stakeholders were involved. It is too early for NPP to forget the people that campaign for them using their resources.

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