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Gambian immigrant in critical condition: “Can you help me mend my fiancé’s poorly heart?”
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Gambian immigrant in critical condition: “Can you help me mend my fiancé’s poorly heart?”

It will be seven years ago this year that I met my fiancé, MJ. I was fifteen years old and he was nineteen. We went on a date and all was going well until he turned to me and said something along the lines of: “Do I look unwell to you?” He didn’t, and so I told him that. He then went on to tell me that he had a leaking valve, and that he’d come over to the UK from The Gambia the year before in order to have life-saving heart surgery. The problem was he hadn’t had it yet. 

At the time, I didn’t know just how big of a deal it was because let’s face it, I was fifteen. I thought to myself: Okay. Well, he’s here now. He’ll have the surgery and he’ll be fine. But three years later, he still wasn’t. He was taken to hospital, where it was confirmed that he had a second leaking valve. This was the point where we found out that the visa he was on wasn’t the right one to receive free treatment on the NHS. Thing is, the type of surgery MJ needs costs a ridiculous amount of money. Around £25,000, specifically. And so we were pretty much relying on the NHS to help him because no normal person has £25k knocking around in their bank, and unfortunately, we’re very normal people. 

So, another three years later, MJ has a third leaking valve. You only get four. It isn’t as straightforward as it might seem, getting the right sort of visa. When you mention ‘immigrant’ and ‘visa’ and ‘UKBA’ and ‘Home Office’, people get all British Power on you. They get all patriotic and ‘I love my country’ and ‘I’m sick of foreigners thinking they’re entitled to our stuff’. I’m actually getting angry typing this right now, because I can’t tell you how opposed I am to it. In this case I’m biased – of course I’m biased – but MJ is the best person I know. He cooks dinner every night because I can’t bear getting my hands dirty. He buys me a present every time he leaves the house. If he sees a large branch blocking the path, he’ll move it so somebody doesn’t trip over, even though people are highly likely to see it for themselves. He’s that type of person. He’s just good. But yeah, yeah – I’m biased. Many more people might read this and say something like: “Well, she would say that”, but yes, I would say that. I do say that. He’s honestly the best person I know, which is why he’s my fiancé. I’d like to get married to him and have his babies so he can teach them to move branches out of the way so people don’t sprain their ankles. I want them to have his long, girly eyelashes. But if another three years passes and he gets a fourth leaking valve… will that happen? 

Recently, we’ve been advised by his consultant that without the surgery he needs, his life-expectancy is probably about five years. He’s twenty-five at the moment, which to me is nowhere near old enough to even start going through this, let alone to have been going through it since he was a teenager. What do you think? 

So at the moment, we’re pretty much just waiting for something to happen. Anything. It’s looking like we’ll have to raise the £25,000 ourselves, which seems impossible. But can I just make you aware that this is all because he isn’t British? It aches and angers me that if I had the same disease, they’d have rushed me into surgery in a snap of the fingers. I’d be healthy again. But unfortunately, it isn’t me. I’d love to somehow switch over my rights, but such a thing isn’t possible. Apparently, his non-Britishness makes him less entitled to a life. This sort of thing makes me wonder why the world has to be so separated. I, for one, think we’re all the same. It doesn’t make a difference to me where somebody’s from. If they’re human, they’re human. If they’re good, they deserve good. 

Which brings me to my point. If you see the world in the same way as I do, if you think a good person deserves just the same as what you’d expect, please, please send us a donation. It’s a very long shot, but maybe if enough people back us, we’ll be able to pay for the surgery that will no doubt save MJ’s life. 


Thank you so much.


Source: http://cantkeepmymindshut.wordpress.com/


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