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I’m single right now! Gambians reveal what they think about Valentine’s Day
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I’m single right now! Gambians reveal what they think about Valentine’s Day

It’s time again to celebrate romance and beauty.  On Friday is Valentine’s Day. What’s On-Gambia decided to contact a handful of Gambians to hear what they have to say about the famous day: 

Fatou Sohna

Fatou Sohna, UK 

To be honest it's just any other day for me. I believe that in every relationship there should be 50/50 coming from both sides, making an effort to please each other and show love and affection. If you have that in your relationship every day is Valentine’s!! 

Aj Correa

Aj Correa, USA 

Valentine’s Day is a big and special day in my household and this year, I intend to spend it just with my wife at home. Lots of strawberry and cream. These are truly special times to treat special people in our lives. 

Binta Dibba

Binta Dibba, USA 

I'm single right now so Valentine's Day this year will just be another day for me. I like the single life but I don't mine going out to dinner. I love eating out! 

Valentine's Day to me means doing the extra ordinary thing you usually don't do with your significant other. 

Surahata Fatty

Surahata Fatty, USA 

I will cook for my wife and we will do candle light dinner in my house. During the dinner I will surprise her with a flower and a gift. 

Thomas De Beule

Thomas De Beule, The Gambia 

Me as a Rastaman, I don't celebrate it because it is a day that Babylon made to let us (the people of the world) buy things for your loved ones for one "special" day. I love my empress every day the same and I will give her things when I feel like it not when a day tells me to do that.

Sang W Mendy, a.k.a DJ William 

Sang W Mendy, a.k.a DJ William, USA 

Every day is valentines for me. However, February 14 is a much more blissful day that allows me to make amends once a year with my girlfriend for those little, obscured, neglecting things I took for granted, or failed to recognize. It eases my conscience of all the wrong doings of the past, and renews the love I have for my girlfriend: It helps me show how much I adore her, how glad I am that she is part of my life, and reflect in unison sweet memories. That said, I never celebrate valentines to the extreme like most people do in Jollof, or around the world. I just look for a nice flower at a neighbor’s back yard, make small love sign cards, get a box of chocolate at the grocery store, and say HAPPY VALENTINES TO HER.


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