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Gambian with courage – Gibairu Janneh
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Gambian with courage – Gibairu Janneh

GAMBIAN WITH COURAGE: It's incredible what people are capable of when all the odds are against them. Gibairu Janneh is arguably the most successful Gambian albino. The University of The Gambia graduate has amazed many with his courage, determination, strength and amazing will.

Gibairu is the Executive Director of the Gambia Press Union. He is also an outspoken activist for the well-being and welfare of the albino community in The Gambia. In his own words: “People living with albinism face social stigma and discrimination…We are called 'pune' and all sorts of names because of our skin.”

The fact that Gibairu did not allow stigma and discrimination to stop him from pursuing his dreams makes him one of the most admirable young men in the country. 

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