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Gambian with courage – Mustapha Jagne
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Gambian with courage – Mustapha Jagne

GAMBIAN WITH COURAGE: He performed poorly in his middle school final exams. That, however, never stopped Mustapha Jagne from dreaming of becoming successful. This young man knows how to rise above failure.

How did he combat his failure? 

Mustapha started learning how to sew – and going to school at the same time. Today, he is the only known young Gambian tailor with university education.

The former Gambia Senior Secondary School student just completed his undergraduate education at the University of The Gambia. He’s now planning to start his own fashion business.

“We have to start supporting and promoting our own Gambian tailors, and stop thinking that all the unique and eye-catching khaftans and dagits are made by Senegalese,” said Mustapha.

Thumbs up for a hardworking brother!

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