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Gambian with courage – Nfally Fadera
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Gambian with courage – Nfally Fadera

GAMBIAN WITH COURAGE: Nfally Fadera is fastly becoming: the most popular Mandinka newsreader in the country. Even the market vendors at Gunjur know about him.

Nfally has been acclaimed nationally for his lucid, succinct and clear translation of newspaper articles in Mandinka. 

He started his journalism career with the now-closed community radio station, Taranga FM as the presenter and producer of the daily Mandinka News Review program. 

After the closure of Taranga, Nfally moved to Star FM to head their News Department. There, he is also responsible for news review in Mandinka. 

The young journalist recently completed his degree studies in Political Science at the University of The Gambia (UTG). He was the Secretary General of the Students’ Union Executive Council, and the co-founder of Beyond The Cover, UTG’s first student magazine. 

Thumbs up for Nfally.


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