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Gambian YALI-Ghana fellow, Sheikh Omar Sillah returns home
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Gambian YALI-Ghana fellow, Sheikh Omar Sillah returns home

The secretary general of The Legacy youth group has arrived in Banjul, promising to put his knowledge and efforts into empowering Gambian youth to be able to communicate their goals.

Sheikh Omar Sillah and seven other young Gambians attended a five–week intensive training at the Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) in Accra, Ghana. He was among hundred young people drawn from eight West African countries to take part in the maiden edition of the YALI-Ghana fellowship, a regional version of President Obama’s YALI fellowship initiative.

“We treated modules on leadership and accountability, ethics and contemporary issues affecting Africa,” he told journalists upon his return.

The youth activist described the training as a game-changing one as they were equipped with various forms of leadership training modules which have better prepared them for leadership roles in our various endeavors.

He said the high point of the training was that “we pioneered to start a project called ‘HEAL Africa’ and I am glad to announce that we have legally registered this project in Sierra Leone and the networks are expected to expand across Africa soon. This project is intended to furnish Africa's problem as regards Health, Education, Agriculture and Leadership (HEAL).”

The US president Barack Obama initiated YALI as a signature effort to invest in the next generation of African leaders, opening a regional centre this year to extend the leadership training across Africa, besides the Mandela Washington Fellowship that is hosted in the USA.

Other Gambian YALI-Ghana fellows are: Nfamara Keita, Mustapha Kah, Fatou Bintou Sallah, Fatoumatta Saho, Abdoulie Bah, Alieu Bangura and Omar Darboe. 


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