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We can’t be your ‘jali kebba’, Fatou Camara!
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We can’t be your ‘jali kebba’, Fatou Camara!

Fatou Camara is not happy with What’s On-Gambia, and she’s letting her fans know about it.

The mother-of-three fired back against us, after we wrote about her ex-husband, Yusupha Saidy. She accused our editor of being mean to her.

We don’t hate Fatou Camara. Come on, she is the most successful Kiangka TV celebrity in the world.

The problem with Fatou is that she likes dishing it like venom, but can’t take it. She’s on record for publicly throwing dirt at us.

Since her arrival in the USA, Fatou has invented a whole new level of nasty.  She seeks drama and then acts like the victim standing up to the bully. It must be draining on her!

Yes, she has been through a lot but that’s no excuse for how horrible she is to some of us and our families. Kairo silla man jan faa, baaring musoo!

Keep calm and stay classy. ALWAYS!!


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