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German NGO accused of treating Gambian staff badly
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German NGO accused of treating Gambian staff badly

A German non-governmental organisation (NGO) is facing accusations that it treats its Gambian staff badly.

According to a former employee, low wages, heavy workload and fear of being fired are some of the horrible working conditions most Project Aid The Gambia workers have to endure.

The former employee, who begged for anonymity, alleged that the NGO under the leadership Matthias Ketteler is taking advantage of the country’s high unemployment rate to maltreat and poorly pay its Gambian workers.

Project Aid The Gambia is one of the oldest NGOs in the country.  One of its famous projects is the Jahally Health Centre, which was established in 1991 to bring health care services to rural Gambia.

However, the way they treat their Gambian staff has left a bad taste in many mouths.

Earlier this year, it was reported by Fatu Network that some local workers resigned because they could no longer accept the unpleasant working conditions.

The former employee told What’s On-Gambia: “The mass resignation in May this year brought the projects to a standstill for a while because there was no one available to work at the clinic and kindergarten in Jahally.

“Matthias later managed to convince some of our colleagues to report back to work and write a letter of apology which he needed to assure the donors in Germany that there was no crisis. The new Gambian manager who was appointed also resigned after five months under similar circumstances confirming that all is not well at Project Aid The Gambia.”

The former employee appealed to the government to investigate the activities of the NGO and how it treats ‘vulnerable Gambians’.

More about Project Aid The Gambia coming!


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