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Global Properties land gift to Mavado causes a stir
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Global Properties land gift to Mavado causes a stir

An oceanfront land gifted to Jamaican music superstar, Mavado has caused a massive stir online among Gambians.

The land was given to him by Global Properties – a real estate company own and run by one of President Adama Barrow’s newly appointed ambassadors –at-large, Saul Frazer.

Politician and youth leader, Mustapha Kah wrote on Facebook: “Global Properties has all rights to give land to whoever they like. That's their prerogative.

“But again, as a concern citizen, gone are the days when companies act devoid of their social settings.

“Global Properties can't close their eyes to the concerns of the population. They should help the local population the same way they helped Mavado. At least that's what cooperate social responsibility demands.

“When it comes to the worst, Movado can buy land on his own. But think about the many Gambians who can't even afford three square meals a day.

“Or the countless young musicians who if given a similar support can move mountains. Let's think country first. If we don't help our country men, no one would.”

GRTS reporter, Francis Mendy added: “In my view, it's nothing but a marketing gimmick. The said gift or its monetary value could make a world of difference in the lives of at least a handful of poor Gambians, who for now, can only dream of having three square meals, talk less of a parcel of land to build a house they can call a home.”

Famous social activist Madi Jobarteh also condemned Global Properties saying the move is “ill-conceived and not in the national interest.”

“Let them entice Movado to buy and use it as a spring board to enter the Jamaica society. But not a gift!”

Mavado is the first known reggae superstar to be gifted an oceanfront land by a Gambian company. 


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