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Horeja Bala-Gaye wins hearts on social media
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Horeja Bala-Gaye wins hearts on social media

With her intelligence and beauty, it’s no wonder Horeja Bala-Gaye has been making hearts flutter since she started gracing our screens.

The gorgeous young woman is the deputy lead counsel at the Truth, Reconciliation and Reparations Commission (TRRC), which was established to look into alleged human rights violations during the 22-year rule of former President Yahya Jammeh.

With less than one year into her new job, Horeja won the hearts of many Gambians for her grace, beauty and knowledge.

Yunus Hydara, one of the most outspoken young Gambians in Britain, said the deputy lead counsel is an absolute intelligent beauty.

He wrote on Facebook: “Been trying to keep this to myself but I’ve to voice it out: the deputy lead counsel of the TRRC Horeja Balla-Gaye is an absolute intelligent beauty! Though she looks more like a scientist than a lawyer. The scientific community would love to have her.”

Yunus jokingly added: “I wish Barrow arrests me when I come to The Gambia so she can represent in court!”

Another huge fan of Horeja is comedian Kitabu Fatty. He told his Facebook followers that the lawyer is “fine and brilliant”.

For US-based Gambian medical doctor, Muhammed Tekanyi: “She was baked with speciality without a rush. With a towering beauty and a breezy comportment like the early morning sea waves.”

The former Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital doctor said the deputy lead counsel’s smiles have injected him with the zeal of volunteering as a witness even if it would be for 30 minutes.

“I pray Allah protect you and guide your wisdom Horeja Bala-Gaye,” said Dr Tekanyi.

However, Facuru Sillah, the First Secretary at the Gambian Embassy in France, was not impressed with the doctor’s post. He argued: “You guys don’t respect this lady. Why don’t you value her as the profession that she is? Why must you only see women with romantic eyes? Please, learn to relate to them as human beings. “

Horeja is the daughter of former minister Bala Gaye. She attended university in the United Kingdom and was called to the Gambian bar in 2006.


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