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How so soon: Adama Barrow’s belly starts protruding
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How so soon: Adama Barrow’s belly starts protruding

Is President-elect Adama Barrow struggling with belly fat?

This is the question on some people’s lips last week when a new photo emerged online showing his stomach dropping over his waistband. Barrow is clearly piling on the kilos since he emerged as the winner of the presidential election.

In the photo he looks nothing like a president.

Sporting a tight Arsenal jersey, the incoming president made no effort to hide his burgeoning belly. He’s a diehard fan of the English Premier League team.

According to www.livestrong.com, here are the steps that the president-elect needs to follow if he wants to get rid of the bulging stomach:

Step 1

Choose a form of aerobic exercise that you enjoy and practice it on a regular basis. Activities such as brisk walking and jogging help to improve insulin resistance and reduce belly fat, according to researchers from the Duke University Medical Center.

Step 2

Increase your fiber and fluid intake to improve your elimination and keep your metabolism functioning properly. Limit your salt intake and avoid eating simple sugars and trans fats that contribute to fat gain in the abdominal area.

Step 3

Consult with a nutritionist or dietician to help you to eliminate excess fat in your stomach and abdomen. Substitute prepared foods and refined sugars with complex carbohydrates and naturally occurring sweeteners such as xylitol and stevia.

Step 4

Eat foods with natural diuretic properties -- such as celery and asparagus -- to help flush water from your system. Limit your intake of gassy foods such as cabbage, Brussels sprouts and legumes that can create gas in your intestinal tract and cause bloating.

Step 5

Develop your core to strengthen your abdominal muscles. Include exercises that work your abdominal, lower back, hips and leg muscles for an overall workout that will tone and firm your stomach.


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