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Fulbe Africa’s 5th anniversary hailed a success
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Fulbe Africa’s 5th anniversary hailed a success

Fulbe Africa, a youth-led organization set up to promote unity and preserve the culture and language of the Fulani people in Africa, has recently held its 5th anniversary at Kairaba Beach Hotel.

The anniversary, which was well-attended, was hailed ‘the best yet’.


In a chat with the Fulbe Africa’s chairperson, Ousman Sowe, they believe they owe a responsibility towards future generations, as young people.

He said:“With the rapid extinction of languages and cultures around the globe if nothing is done to preserve that culture it will perish soon.”

One of the speakers at the event, the educational director for Region Five, Ousman Bah thanked the organisers for coming up with a great initiative.

 “Be it Fula or any other ethnicity you see they are who they are because of their language and tribe. We should value that and be ready to teach our children to know who they are and where they belong,” he said.

Mr. Bah added: “Let’s teach our children to be able to speak their language. We should also appreciate who we are and stop undermining our tribes. Anywhere you go you will find Fulas and their language, but unfortunately English and French are the most widely taught languages in our schools. We want to be taught maths, English, and science in our own languages to enhance better understanding of what we are learning .”

The sponsors for Fulbe Africa’s 5th anniversary included Qcell, Jah Oil and Gambia Transport Corporation Service.  


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