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Imam Ba Kawsu renews attack on Jammeh
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Imam Ba Kawsu renews attack on Jammeh

They say old habits hardly ever die and Imam Ba Kawsu is no exception in falling a victim to the brutal tyranny of habit.

After a long hiatus, the ever controversial Imam returned to his old ways of criticising The Gambia’s former president Yahya Jammeh, claiming Jammeh was cursed by God Himself.

Ba Kawsu during his Friday sermon said the former leader, who currently lives in exile in Equatorial Guinea, was a dictator who had no respect for human life, talk less of human rights.

“He stole the country’s resources. He forcefully and illegally grabbed people’s lands, people’s compounds and made state properties his own.”

According to him, Jammeh’s exit is the very work of God Himself.

“Allah said he knows how to punish a criminal. For 22 years, Yahya Jammeh wreaked havoc on Gambians.”

Imam Ba Kawsu, who was once forced into exile in Casamance, Senegal after clashing with the former leader and the Supreme Islamic Council, is by far the most controversial preacher from The Gambia.


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