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Inside Barrow’s secret meeting with APRC
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Inside Barrow’s secret meeting with APRC

President Adama Barrow has recently met with some APRC leaders, including Fabakary Tombong Jatta, MA Bah and Seedy Njie.

Reliable information reaching What’s On-Gambia revealed the meeting, which appears to have been in State House, was arranged quietly without even some close aides to the president being aware.

“I think Barrow wants to establish his own party and needs APRC’s support. He met some of our leaders.  In fact, there are rumours within the party that the former President wasn’t happy when he heard about it,” said an APRC insider who begged for anonymity.

During a recent press conference at their party headquarters, Fabakary Tombong confirmed the meeting took place, however, he refused to disclosed who requested the meeting, nor comment on why they met the president.

One of the most outspoken APRC supporters in the Diaspora, Lamin Tamba told What’s On-Gambia: “I honestly don’t know what they discussed at the meeting, but the meeting was necessary.

Do you believe Gambians deserve an answer to why this meeting was held between Barrow and APRC?


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