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Is it safe for children to travel to The Gambia without yellow fever vaccine?
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Is it safe for children to travel to The Gambia without yellow fever vaccine?

A British grandmother has sparked an online debate when she took to Facebook to ask whether it is safe for a child to travel to The Gambia without the yellow fever (YF) vaccine.

Posting on the page, Gambia as we see it, about her dilemma, Rose Plumb said: "My granddaughter is coming in December for the first time for three weeks. She inquired about injections and was told she must have yellow fever jab £55 as yellow fever is rife in Gambia. Anyone know where it’s rife???I don't think so!"

Helping Rose with her dilemma, Everton Morgan commented: "Been coming to Gambia for about 9 years. I would have it done and when the schools go there they have to have it done. I am sure her life is worth more than £55!!”

Another regular visitor to The Gambia, Jean Artamonow disclosed that her daughter, who was 12, died from YF in 2014.

"They were treating her for malaria but they don't see the yellow fever....and the mistake was fatal."

However, Clare Mitchell, who lives in England, wrote: "It is not a requirement for The Gambia unless you are entering from a country that has it."

Ingrid Harris Normington added: " I have been traveling to Gambia for 12 years now and my son is 12 and has been traveling there from a young age and we haven't had the yellow fever,but do take the malaria tablets. I have had mixed information regarding the yellow fever but I got told in the area I was traveling I didn't need it."

Maggie Styche also commented: "I took my granddaughter over this year and she had the yellow fever jab.I couldn't live with myself if she had got it and I didn't get her the jab for the sake of £55. I know it's a small risk but a risk nevertheless!!"

In a later post, Rose Plumb said: "I have 10 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren. I would not take any of them to a risky place and yes, I will give her malaria tablets beforehand and whilst she is there. I'm not stupid!.

The  Gambia as we see it page members were left divided- while many insisted that the YF vaccination is necessary, there were equal numbers who argued that The Gambia is completely safe from the acute viral hemorrhagic disease.


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