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Why former ambassador’s daughter sounds off President Jammeh
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Why former ambassador’s daughter sounds off President Jammeh

She is from one of the most influential and privileged families in the first republic. Her father, Ousman Ahmadou Sallah, was The Gambia's ambassador to the USA when President Jammeh took over in 1994.

Sohna Sallah is an outspoken critic of the Gambian leader. She loathes President Jammeh and may never support him even if he transforms The Gambia into a mini United Arab Emirates. 

The US-based activist is among the founding members of the Democratic Union of Gambian Activists (DUGA). She was once arrested with two of her colleagues for storming the Gambian Embassy in Washington DC, requesting for regime change.

Sohna, who attended private schools in both The Gambia and USA, is undoubtedly upset with Jammeh for removing the PPP government that gave her and her siblings everything.

A source told What's On-Gambia: "Her family was well-connected and she enjoyed a pampered lifestyle."

Sohna's involvement in the "struggle" is seen by some as a pathetic attempt to fight for the loss of her silver spoon.

When her father was ambassador, she travelled to different parts of the Western world accompanied by a maid who was allegedly paid with tax payers’ money.

Like many other "PPP children" in the first republic, Sohna has never worked in the civil service. She has never been to the provinces to see how poor Gambians were struggling to make ends meet. She has never visited a public primary school, where pupils were forced to provide their own classroom desks.

But today, she claims to have The Gambia's best interests at heart, accusing President Jammeh of ruining the country's economy. Her critics likened her gesture to: "a thief telling her former victims that I feel your pain."

In 2013 when she was arrested for trespassing into the Gambian Embassy, Sohna was let off by a Washington DC magistrate with conditional discharges and told to stay away from The Gambia's most famous foreign office that she used to frequent when her father was the ambassador.

Should Gambians listen to her and all the other “PPP children” making noise online?



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