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Is Nova Gambia’s most arrogant rapper?
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Is Nova Gambia’s most arrogant rapper?

Has anyone else noticed it? Nova has become Gambia’s Kanye West. He is well known in the music scene for his non-ending egotistical rantings.

The rapper talks about himself like if he is the country’s most incredible artist. Last year, he declined to participate in the popular Open Mic Festival because of his dissatisfaction with the organizers.

Unfortunately for Nova, he has no reason to have an ego that big. Most of his music is horrible and he is one of the rappers that are struggling to gain popularity.

A music lover living in Tallinding, who is close to some of  Nova’s crew members said: “He is known as the arrogant musician. His personality needs some work.”

Another music lover told What’s On-Gambia that the rapper is so full of himself. He added: “He is hardly interested in collaborating with other artists.”

Is Nova an arrogant diva? Tell us what you think.

Photo: Nova with Banjul Nightlife presenter Ida Bidwell-Mboob/ Credit: Banjul Nightlife

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