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That girl! Africell’s attractive 3G billboard
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That girl! Africell’s attractive 3G billboard

How many billboards did you take a look at during your walk or driving around the Greater Banjul Area?  One of the most attractive is unquestionably Africell’s 3G. That girl with her flirtatious look!

Honestly, Africell is becoming more and more creative in their advertisements.  The 3G billboard has commuters talking and according to one of the company’s staff that’s the aim. He said: “We want to keep people talking about the company and the services we offer.”

But who is that beautiful girl on the billboard in red and holding a smart phone? A source disclosed to us that her name is Jainaba Barry a.k.a Jay Bee and it was her debut in the world of modeling.

“They were many girls, but her picture was selected for the 3G advertisement,” said our source.

Jay Bee attended Ndow’s Senior Secondary School and later proceeded to the Management Development Institute.  She currently works as a Service Promoter for Africell and she is also engaged with the gift shop, Boutique Lu Pirr. 

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