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Know your ministers! Meet Abdoulie Jobe, Bala Garba Jahumpa, Mama Singateh and Sheriff Bojang
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Know your ministers! Meet Abdoulie Jobe, Bala Garba Jahumpa, Mama Singateh and Sheriff Bojang

Abdoulie Jobe

Trade, Industry, Regional Integration and Employment

He is a Ndongou Banjul, and according to a source Abdoulie Jobe is the ‘bad boy’ of Jammeh’s cabinet. Please, don’t ask us why!

Commonly known as Ndombin, he was appointed as minister of Trade, Industry, Regional Integration and Employment in July 2014. Prior to that appointment, Ndombin served as energy adviser at the Office of the President, Petroleum Minister, and the director general of the Public Utility and Regulatory Authority (PURA).

His father, Jobe Dollar was one of the wealthiest Banjulians in the PPP era. A source said: “Ndombin was book smart. He was always the best student in Mathematics during his school days.”

One of his famous siblings is Kani Jobe – a former student leader that contributed significantly to the formation of the National Patriotic Students’ Association (NAPSA).


Bala Garba Jahumpa

Transport, Works and Infrastructure

He is also a Ndongou Banjul, but not as ‘hardcore’ as Abdoulie Jobe is. Bala’s father was among the pioneer partisan politicians in the country.

Action Man, as he is fondly called by his supporters, is a single dad that is struggling to settle down again. He lives in Brusubi, where most of his neighbours described him as a friendly and down-to-earth minister.

“He is a nice guy. He always comes around for a chat during special celebrations like Tobaski,” said a neighbor.

Bala’s nephew was once married to his former cabinet colleague, Fatim Badjie.


Mama Singateh

Attorney General and Minister of Justice

She is a single mum from a prominent Banjul family with roots in Badibou. Mama’s mum is a Banjulian-Hausa, who used to work with the UN system.

The beautiful and well-built minister, who studied in the UK, is one of the brains behind the historic legislation banning female genital mutilation in The Gambia. Prior to her ministerial appointment, she worked as a judge and chaired the controversial Tax Commission.

Mama’s sister, Sally Singateh, is one of the country’s finest authors. Some of her books include Christie's Crisis and The Sun Will Soon Shine.

She is one of the “PPP children” supporting APRC.


Sheriff Bojang

Information, Communication Technology and Infrastructure

Fondly known as Rex, Sheriff is from the powerful Bojang family in Brikama. Unlike some of his cabinet colleagues, his upbringing was humble. He attended the crowded Brikama Primary School before proceeding to Gambia High School, where he graduated with distinction.

Rex is one of the country’s most respected journalists.  He is also known for being famous among the women. Shortly after his appointment as minister, he rushed to tie the knot with an elegant young Bakau girl.

Rex enjoys playing scrabble and listening to old school music.


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