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Maabo faces public backlash over fake divorce
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Maabo faces public backlash over fake divorce

The Maabo couple, Mia and No Face are trying to laugh off the backlash from fans, as they have been heavily criticized for lying that they were heading for a divorce.

"Silence is the wisest response we can give to...," they wrote on their Facebook page where they have over 860,000 followers.

According to social media influencer Adamo, Maabo paid journalist Tange Tandian of VIP People's TV to fake a story that they have broken up after a marriage of 5 years.

"They approached me to do it for them but I refused because I don't want to ruin my credibility and that was why they went to Tange," he said.

Adamo disclosed that Mia and No Face wanted to generate public attention as they prepare to release a new music video.

When the famous musician couple tried to laugh off the backlash they've received, they were bombarded with comments from fans and followers on social media, slamming them for their behaviour.

But Gambian Facebook user, Amie Jobe said Mia and No Face's love will never die. She wrote: "May Allah continue protecting this marriage always and forever. I really love this couple my favourite couple stay blessed and safe."

The Maabo couple got married in 2017 after originally meeting at a recording studio in Dakar. They have a daughter together.

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