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Meet one of the country’s youngest bloggers
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Meet one of the country’s youngest bloggers

Blogging is quite a new phenomenon in The Gambia and 18-year-old Rilwan Jarboh is one of the country’s youngest bloggers. The Grade 10 student at SOS Hermann Gmeiner is an open and friendly young man who is popular among his peers.

Rilwah writes a blog, giving voices to his passions and talking about a wide range of issues affecting young people.

“I started blogging three months ago,” he said. “I love writing since I was in primary school. English is my favorite subject.”

In a new post on his blog, Rilwah goes to the defence of the use of the internet by children. According to him, children should be allowed to use the internet because it has many educational uses.

Blogs can earn fame and fortune for the blogger, but the young Gambian said neither attracts him into it. He sees it as platform to civilly converse in the public digital space.

“I choose to blog not because of money or fame,” he told What’s On - Gambia. “It is a way of sharing news on the internet and also expressing your views.”

Rilwah lives in Tranquil. He has not yet made up his mind on what exactly he wants to be in the future. 


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