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Meet Sona Jobarteh’s biggest Indian fan!
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Meet Sona Jobarteh’s biggest Indian fan!

There are many things that attract people to her. Her beauty, her melody and most of all, her kora. The award-winning Gambian singer, Sona Jobarteh’s fans cut across the world, but also India of all unlikeliest places?

Here is an Indian studying in Sweden, Sai Kishan Tanguturi, who spends hours on YouTube watching Sona’s videos. According to him, he is obsessed with her music.

“There is some magic in her voice. Although I don’t understand her language, I adore her music. I came to know about her through a Gambian friend of mine,” he said.

His favorite song by the kora star is Jarabi, which has more than 500,000 views on YouTube since it was uploaded five years ago by BBC Africa.

When asked if he would like to meet Sona, Sai quickly responded: “Of course yes!”

He added: “When I meet her I want to know why she values her father‘s heritage and whether it was easy to be born and raised in a mixed-race family.”

Sai Kisha is from village in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. He moved to Sweden last year to pursue a Master’s Degree in Solar Energy.


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