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Meet The Gambia’s youngest NAM ever
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Meet The Gambia’s youngest NAM ever

A 24-year-old Gambia College student has made history by becoming The Gambia’s youngest ever National Assembly member (NAM).

Omar Ceesay of the Gambia Democratic Congress (GDC) won the Niamina East seat in the country’s recent elections by over 1,000 votes.

Ceesay is a final year Primary Teachers’ Certificate (PTC) student.

He told What’s On-Gambia:  “I joined politics shortly before the National Assembly elections. My people wanted me to represent them in Banjul.”

The new NAM was born two years before the military coup that brought former president Yahya Jammeh. He said he’s sometimes frustrated at being constantly asked about his age.

“Leadership is not about age, but who the cap fits. I am sure, with no single doubt that my age is not going to be an obstacle.”

When asked why he ran on a GDC ticket, Ceesay said: “GDC is well-known for helping the citizens. It’s the most reliable party in the country.”

According to him, his party leader, Mamma Kandeh donated D50, 000 to his campaign.

“I want to use my position as National Assembly member to bring changes in my constituency, Niamina East. The agricultural sector needs assistance and I hope I would be able to convince the government and international organisations to help our hardworking farmers.”

Omar was born in Niamina Njie Kunda in September 1992. After completing his senior secondary school education at Niamina Senior Secondary School in Jarreng, he moved to the Greater Banjul Area to further his education.

He’s among hundreds of trained teachers graduating at the Gambia College this year. 


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