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Meet the key players in Barrow’s administration
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Meet the key players in Barrow’s administration

Meet the key figures in Barrow’s inner circle. They are always with the president when he is carrying out presidential business.

Fatou Ceesay

She is a businesswoman who owns Immedi8 Money Transfer. Fatou was part of Barrow’s campaign team last year and shortly after the president was sworn in, she was appointed an ambassador at large.

According to sources, Fatou is one of Barrow’s closest aides. She was recently accused of being behind the sacking of NAWEC‘s deputy managing director, Nani Juwara.

Amie Bojang Sisohore

She’s responsible for public relations and communications in State House.  Amie is often seen in the background as Barrow is photographed carrying out official business.

Sometime last year, she was accused of sacking two members of her team for sympathizing with opposition politicians. Amie’s long-time friend, Dr Isatou Touray is the minister of Trade, Industry, Regional Integration and Employment.

Fatoumatta Bah-Barrow (FBB)

She’s the country’s First Lady. According to sources, FBB is her husband’s closest confidant. She is actively involved in Barrow’s Youth Movement, which is rumoured to be a political party in the making.

Hamat Bah

On a recent appearance on Kerr Fatou, he reaffirmed his unconditional support for President Barrow. Hamat Bah is said to be very close to the Gambian leader and has a deep influence in his administration.

He is the minister of tourism and culture and the leader of the National Reconciliation Party (NRP).

Alkali Conteh

He is one of the Diaspora Gambians who bagged a senior job in the Barrow government. Alkali is a member of the Public Service Commission. But according to political activist Pa Samba Jow, his appointment in the Commission is against the constitution.

There are claims that Alkali is helping the president to transform his youth movement into a political party.

Musa Drammeh

He is Barrow’s special adviser on investment. Although very little is known about Drammeh, sources revealed he is one the president’s trusted aides. 


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