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MoBSE explains why they don’t want niqab in schools
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MoBSE explains why they don’t want niqab in schools

The permanent secretary at the Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education (MoBSE), Louis Moses Mendy has disclosed they want to stop the wearing of the niqab in public schools to enhance quality teaching and learning.

In an interview with Foroyaa, he disclosed that stakeholders in the public education sector were consulted on their decision to discourage female teachers and students from wearing the niqab in school.

According to him, they received complaints from students in the West Coast Region that niqab-wearing teachers are sometimes difficult to understand because the veils cover their entire face apart from their eyes.

“Students complained that when a teacher uses it while teaching, they will not hear properly or see the body language of their teacher,” said the permanent secretary.

Mendy added: “It will not be helpful if we promote it or encourage it in class."

The niqab, although not very popular in The Gambia, is worn by some Muslim women as an interpretation of modest dress and as a symbol of religious faith.

One of the country's pro-niqab activists, a student at the University of The Gambia, told What's On-Gambia that they have been wearing the niqab for years for Allah's sake.

She argued that MoBSE's decision to discourage teachers and students in public schools from wearing the veil violates their rights as citizens of The Gambia.

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