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Money doublers stripped naked by victims
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Money doublers stripped naked by victims

Two men in their 50s who are accused of being money doublers were stripped naked by some of their victims. 

A young man, who contacted What's On-Gambia, alleged that one of his friends was tricked by the money doublers and duped over D600,000. 

According to him, they approached his friend and convinced him that they were capable of producing millions of Dalasis using a special machine filled with undisclosed chemicals and pieces of paper. 

"My friend gave them D600,000 and they promised to multiply it to D3million," said the young man. 

He added: "While they were doubling the money, they claimed something was wrong with their machine and had to see a technician. They left with the D600,000 and never returned." 

The friend then realized he was duped and reported the scam to the police. 

Some of the victims managed to locate the money doublers. They were stripped naked and handed over to the anti-crime unit of the police. the case is under investigation.


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