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Nathalie Gomez evicted from Kololi house?
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Nathalie Gomez evicted from Kololi house?

Rumours are swirling that Nathalie Gomez has been evicted from her Kololi house, which was gifted to her by former President Yahya Jammeh.

According to a source, the socialite was asked to move out by the Janneh Commission as they continue their investigations into Jammeh’s belongings and financial dealings during his 22-year-old rule.

“Nathalie’s house was taken from her after she was summoned to the commission. The house was given to her by Jammeh,” said the source.

The famous socialite was very close to the former president for years. But their friendship faded during Jammeh’s last years in power.

She is expected to appear before the Janneh Commission on the 23rd October 2018 to testify all that she knows in connection to properties of the ex-president. Nathalie, who is currently out of the country, is also required to bring with her and produce any agreements, contracts, statements, letters, board resolutions, documents or things deemed relevant or helpful to the commission's investigations. 


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