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Nothing is more patriotic than this?
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Nothing is more patriotic than this?

A young Gambian nurse in the USA is championing a cause that seeks to empower women and girls with resources through education and provision of free, quality and accessible health care services.

Born in the village of Sanyang in Kombo South where existing cultures undermine the healthy growth of its women and children, and having experienced the disparity between men and women, Aisha Saidy took up the initiative to set up a charity organisation that focuses on free wellness clinic for the society.

But she is not alone in this noble cause; most of the members of this initiative are young nurses and doctors volunteering to offer free medical services to hundreds of Gambians.

So far, they have offered free wellness check up to nearly 1800 Gambians in Sanyang, Dongoroba and Manduarr.

Recently the group - consisting of 8 doctors, 29 nurses and 2 lab assistants - was in Dongoroba in the Central River Region and there they met over 700 patients who were offered OPD services, lab services, ultrasound for prenatal services, HIV counselling and testing and eye care services.

The community of Dongoroba and its surrounding villages expressed their delight over their coming and thanked the team for offering them free medical services.


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