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Saul Frazer – Gambian with courage
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Saul Frazer – Gambian with courage

Gambian with courage: Saul Frazer is the CEO of Global Properties, a company that offers services in real estate sales, land sales and property rental with offices in The Gambia, Senegal, USA and UK. His unique entrepreneurial leadership skills have enabled the company to develop and experience limitless opportunities. 

Saul, a winner of Gambian Entrepreneur of the Year, is among the recognized local entrepreneurs that successfully contributed in revolutionizing business and opening opportunities for others. 

He is also well known for supporting youth initiatives. Last year, Saul’s company supported four young Gambian artists to travel to the UK and showcase their talents. Hats off to the brother - it takes a lot of courage, determination, dedication and self-discipline to run a successful business!


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