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Senegambia a hot spot for girls seeking white men
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Senegambia a hot spot for girls seeking white men

A huge number of Gambian girls are now moving to the Senegambia area in the search for white men. And some of these white men are as old as their grand dad.

Tavern Hustlers in Kololi is one of the most popular spots for girls seeking out men willing to help them live ‘large’ or take them abroad to begin a new life.

A girl in her late 30s said white men are helpful and reliable. “They treat you with dignity and respect. Gambian guys are only good at shouting, lying and giving commands.”

Another girl in her early 20s has just moved in with her new Swedish boyfriend. The boyfriend is in her 50s and a repeated tourist.

“They are always fighting. I think the white man only wants her for sex and nothing more. Her mum and brother are always here to visit” said her landlord.

It’s not a secret that a large number of tourists come to The Gambia just for sex. Take a stroll through the Senegambia strip and you will be amazed to see the amount of girls walking down the streets with a white man.

Girls make more than D8, 000 per month. When contacted by What’s On –Gambia, some of them refused that they are prostitutes.

“We’re decent girls looking for better opportunities and it’s the same thing that the boys are also doing,” said one of them.

Our reporter is on the ground to bring you more on the Gambian tourism industry.

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