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Senior civil servants who are likely to lose their jobs after the Commission
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Senior civil servants who are likely to lose their jobs after the Commission

If the proceedings of the Commission of Inquiry are anything to go by, many high-level civil servants who served in the Jammeh regime and still in the Civil Service will be shown the exit door once the Commission concludes.

Quite a number of them who appeared before the Commission admitted having failed in their duties to serve the country which as a result caused huge economic losses.

There are clear indicators that the first senior civil servant to be sent packing might be President Barrow’s own secretary to the cabinet, Isatou Auber.

Auber, who is widely believed to be the most elegant woman in the new government, was a signatory to some of the clandestine bank accounts opened by the former president.

One of the Coalition government’s biggest supporters in the Diaspora, Pata Saidykhan suggested on his Facebook page that Auber should be locked up until “we're done with this damn Commission.’’

“I met Isatou Auber recently at the State House, but she looked very troubled. I think she’s worried about her future in the government,” source revealed to What’s On-Gambia.

Another big fish on the chopping list might be GRA’s Yankuba Darboe, whose popularity among his staff has reportedly dwindled since Jammeh’s departure. Some of them want him to be flushed out.

Under his watch, a huge amount of tax payers’ money went missing in the past 5 years and during his appearance before the Commission, he tried to vindicate himself of any wrong doing in the matter.

As part of efforts to secure his job, Yankuba’s office offered the recently donated 57 vehicles to the National Assembly Members which has come under immense criticism by the public.

Other senior civil servants whose future hangs by a very thin thread include the Accountant General, Auditor General, Secretary General and Head of the Civil Service and Ambassador Teneng Mba Jaiteh.

There are also possibilities that Barrow might offer them an olive branch as a means of uniting the country despite aiding and abetting the former president, but it all depends mainly on the Commission’s recommendation, which is expected before the end of the year.


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