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Solo Sandeng’s daughter condemns Faraba shootings
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Solo Sandeng’s daughter condemns Faraba shootings

The daughter of slain political activist Solo Sandeng has joined a chorus of condemnation after police killed two young people in Faraba on Monday.

They were protesting against sand mining in their village, which they said was causing environmental damage.

In a Facebook post, Fatoumatta Sandeng, who now lives in Germany with her husband, condemned the use of live ammunition by police against the protesters.

“I am so furious right now. But who would even arm the security with live bullets for just a ‘villagers’ protest’ doesn’t that mean kill them when you can’t take it anymore. We can’t and would not allow this to take place again.”

She continued: “Lots of lives are being lost just for simply protesting. No matter how bad their protest is, there is and must be another way to suppress it but not by shooting.  The Interior has been failing Gambians and yet again, they have just shown how immature and clueless they are. My question is, who gave the orders?”

Fatoumatta said all those responsible for the shooting should be brought to justice.

Her father, a prominent opposition politician, died in custody after being beaten for leading a rare demonstration against the former government.


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