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‘State capture’ threatens tourism, US relations
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‘State capture’ threatens tourism, US relations

A Gambian born US citizen and three others have been arrested for protesting against Chinese destruction of the environment in Gunjur and caged like slaves in a tiny cell. The Chinese must have paid Barrow a lot of money.

Sources indicate that the police has been paid by Alhagie Conteh to contain the groundswell of discontent.

Meanwhile, a class action is being prepared by British tourists against Thomas Cook for taking them to Gambian beaches infested by toxic waste from the Chinese company.

The sprawling coastal town of Gunjur has been involved in a long-running legal battle against the Chinese company known as Golden Lead. The company was first sued by the National Environment Agency, but the case was settled out of court.

The government continues to turn a blind eye despite protests from the inhabitants of the village which is now turning ugly with the arrest of activists.


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