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Stop it! Don’t compare Lawyer Darboe to Nelson Mandela
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Stop it! Don’t compare Lawyer Darboe to Nelson Mandela

For many, he has the heart of a lion for daring to stand up against Yahya Jammeh – a leader known for using heavy handed and Machiavellian tactics against opponents.

But lawyer Ousainou Darboe is no Nelson Mandela even as many of his supporters try so hard to elevate him to the status of the mighty South African freedom fighter.

"Yo, I was just wondering why folks call Lawyer Darboe Gambia's Nelson Mandela?" Political activist, Alieu Bah asked this controversial question about the UDP leader on Facebook.

Alieu, a radical, unconventional, junior school dropout and one-time fire brand columnist of Standard Newspaper seemed to have asked a question that sparked a storm on the social networking site.

A storm as big as the sand waves of the Sahara with some of Darboe's supporters insisting he is as brave and unconquerable in spirit as Mandela, who spent 27 years in Robben Island prison during apartheid white minority rule in South Africa.

“Darboe is a strong man, we need to respect what people did for our country. The sacrifice, not to point finger. Darboe is a hero and I called him Mandela,” wrote one Haddy Jadama.

Popular Diaspora political activist, Fatou Sagnia added: “Because when he went out on the street that fateful day to protest the death of Solo Sandeng with his executive, he demonstrated that he was willing to do anything for Gambia; even give his life. Him and his entire executive could've been shot and killed and nothing would’ve come out of it.”

However, Ebrima Saye said Darboe has a lot of mileage to cover if he is to catch with Nelson Mandela. 


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