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Sweden-based Gambian scammed D1.3million in land deal
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Sweden-based Gambian scammed D1.3million in land deal

Aji Fanta Touray, a Sweden-based Gambian entrepreneur has been scammed out of D1.3million by one Lamin Jatta of Tujereng. 

Narrating her ordeal, she said: “I was introduced to Lamin Jatta by my sister. I bought the land from him and when we went to clear the land we found out it was sold to someone else. We went to his father to no avail. 

Aji Fanta continued: “I went to the police,but nothing happened. I don’t know what he has given to the police, but they don’t take the case seriously. It’s been made a foolish case. I went to the Ministry of Lands, but I found no help there. This is very sad. 

“I could have invested here in Sweden but I decided to spend my hard-earned money in my country only to be scammed. This is wrong and I seek justice. I have nowhere to turn to because I have been failed everywhere I went”.

She said:“I want the goverment, particularly the ministry of local government, lands and mines and the President of The Gambia to address land issues. The entire Government system should ensure that justice prevails for the citizens at all times. Finally, the government should ensure that citizens' rights are valued and protected at any given time”.


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