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The ugliest male musicians of The Gambia
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The ugliest male musicians of The Gambia

They may be the country’s hottest rappers on stage, but offer not quite an appealing sight for those who want beauty in entertainment.

T Smallz

His fans may disagree for their love for him. But, truth be told, T Smallz is all but handsome. He is one of the most talented rappers in the country.  T Smallz has collaborated with some of the finest singers in the world like Sweden’s Kapten Röd.

Big Faa

If girls love outer beauty more than inner beauty, one wonders what is it that made some girls crazy about this ugly guy. Big Faa claims to be among the country’s top rappers, but there is nothing appealing in the way he looks.  We can’t still imagine how he gets girls running after him. What do they see in him that we don’t know about?


Even his fans agreed that he is not a handsome guy. Jizzle is one of the ugliest musicians to ever grace the Gambian music scene.  How comes he is a ladies man? One of his girlfriends is a pretty young girl living in Oslo. She is smitten with him. 


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