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Thomas De Beule explains why he campaigned for the coalition
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Thomas De Beule explains why he campaigned for the coalition

Thomas Debule is a young Belgian with a Gambian wife whose love for the Smiling Coast threw him into the thick of the struggle to remove Jammeh. In the aftermath of the unprecedented opposition victory, What’s On-Gambia began by asking him what motivated him to join the campaign to oust Jammeh.

Thomas Debule:I lived in The Gambia for over 2 years.  In those 2 years I've seen how corruption is a "normal" thing. I've seen police beating up people, court cases that are postponed endlessly so that people lose hope in the justice system that should protect their rights.

Basic human rights that are not respected. I have friends who had to go into exile.

The above are my reasons to fight for a New Gambia where everyone is free and respected,  where giving a bribe will not be accepted, where the justice system works, where basic human rights are respected, where the investment by foreign companies are protected by the law.

What's your opinion on Adama Barrow's victory?

This is an historic moment in the history of The Gambia. This day shall go down as the second most important day in the history of The Gambia after Independence from the UK.I stand 100% behind President Elect Adama Barrow and the coalition team.  I look forward to seeing the cabinet of the New Gambian government

Should Jammeh be pardoned?

No.  He ruled The Gambia for 22 years with an iron fist. He never put the interest of the Gambian people first; he enriched himself for 22 years. He has used the Armed Forces as his personal killing squad for any individual who criticized him or stood in his way.

What I and the majority of Gambians want to see Jammeh being put on trial for the above reasons and that all the money he stole is returned to the Gambian government. We owe this to the victims of Jammeh's 22 years of terror.

What type of Gambia do you want to see now?


I want to see a free, equal and prosperous Gambia. A New Gambia where you can express your opinion freely, where you are allowed to protest, where you can criticize the President if you do not agree with his policies.

A Gambia where investment is protected through laws so that we can start bringing in major investors. A Gambia where there is rule of law, good governance, quality education, accountability and economic freedom. And most of all a new Gambia where Human Rights are respected.

Will you be attending Barrow's inauguration?

Insha Allah, it would be an honour to attend the inauguration of President-elect Adama Barrow.

As a final note I want to congratulate the Gambian people on this historic Victory!

Let's Move Forward together to a New Gambia for all!!


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