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Watermelon can make your “Burama Njie” bigger
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Watermelon can make your “Burama Njie” bigger

According to one of India's most popular websites, consuming watermelon frequently can help men to gain extra inches. 

The site argued that the penis like the body also requires food that will improve its health helping men have a stronger and harder erection. 

"Watermelon contains citrulline, an amino acid, which is converted arginine. Arginine causes blood vessel dilation and increases blood flow to the penis during erection." 

Watermelon is a popular fruit grown in The Gambia. It's abundantly available in markets between October to February. 

The Indian website also disclosed that onion, garlic, banana, and orange, which are all available in The Gambia, can also help men get a rock-hard erection.

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