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Wato tijay! S.T responds to copyright dispute over hit single, ‘Respecko’
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Wato tijay! S.T responds to copyright dispute over hit single, ‘Respecko’

S.T has been threatened with a lawsuit concerning his hit single, Respecko that was released in December 2014.

Below is the Brikama Boyo’s explanation of what happened:

I bought the raw RESPECKO beat from SAMBU and made the voicing with NOVA, which is acceptable. The Problem is Nova put his logo (Ghetto Boy Music) on the song and the Genesis Music logo is nowhere to be found. I had a discussion with NOVA that the song was supposed to have no logo on it just like how it is suggested to be on the album.

The initial record I received from Nova had no logo but I had to return the record for some minor changes. Nova was busy and it ended up taking weeks before I get the record back.  Surprisingly, the final record had his logo.

I released the song right away, because it was overdue for release as decided by the management committee. About four days after the release, Sambu decided that I should delete the song from YouTube. I strongly apologize to him and took the blame that it was my fault. I let him understand that the song will bear no logo on the album and appropriate credit will be given to both of them whenever and wherever necessary. With time, Sambu went on to media making it looks like I intentionally denied him credit for his work.

He was my good friend all along until this issue. I explained to him that I own the beat and has the right to do anything with it. I made the concept of the chorus, it’s my idea that I want to adjust piano, tama and drum to the beat. I personally made those arrangements and drove to pick up the piano man and the guy who did the drumming and the tama and brought them to Sambu’s house.  I paid all of them for their service.

If I want, I can change the color of my car to black and put a Benz engine in it. Neither the car dealer, nor Benz or Peugeot Company has right over those adjustments, especially when monetary exchange for service is involved. I guess I am clear enough and hope we will get away with this soon and be ready to make more hits together professionally…..WATOTIJAY


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