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Why this girl wants to take a bullet for President Jammeh
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Why this girl wants to take a bullet for President Jammeh

Unlike many Gambians in the Diaspora, Haddy Yogurt is a superfan of President Jammeh. She’s prepared to take a bullet for him if ECOMOG soldiers enter the country to forcefully remove Jammeh from State House.

“When God say it is time he will step down. The only people to blame here are the IEC,” said Yogurt, who lives in Belgium.

The APRC candidate said he would not step down and hand over power after he lost the presidential election to opposition coalition leader, Adama Barrow.

According to Yogurt, the election was not fair and her candidate has the constitutional right to file a petition at the Supreme Court of The Gambia.

When asked if she has ever met Jammeh, Yogurt responded: “I have never met him. I support him because I saw what he did for our country. Since day one, I have been supporting him.”

The outspoken Jammeh superfan vehemently denied online rumours that Jammeh financially helped her to settle in Europe.

“I was in Gambia and I got married with a Belgian man.”

Yogurt said she is prepared to travel to The Gambia to protect her leader and country from foreign invasion.

“He saved us Gambians from a lot of things you know and I will always love him for that.”

Beef with Fatou Camara

On her online beef with one of Jammeh’s biggest critics, Fatou Camara, she said: “This lady is so evil. When she was working for the president, we all see how she was.”

Yogurt added: “She will never say what she did to President Jammeh, but sitting in the internet lying about it that's why I do not like her. She’s just a cheap lady. She has no respect for herself as a lady.”

According to the Belgium-based APRC supporter, she knows a lot of highly damaging secrets about Fatou Camara.


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