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Women in fear as thieves target their wigs
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Women in fear as thieves target their wigs

The number of women who wear wigs in the streets of the Greater Banjul Area has apparently dropped after it emerged that thieves are now targeting the pricey commodity on their heads.

According to US-based Gambian, Omar Jallow, who is currently in The Gambia on holiday: “The robbers and thieves have upgraded their thievery by snatching human hair wigs from women's head openly.”

Sources revealed to What’s On-Gambia the wigs are usually snatched in broad daylight and then sold to hair salons or other people on the street for a cheap price.

Omar wrote on Facebook: “I will advise women to carry a pepper spray to repel these criminals since they can't get access to conceal weaponry for their defence and knowing how expensive human hair is, these idiots are walking away with thousands of dalasis easily.”

The Gambia has seen an increase in crime since the arrival of President Adama Barrow, who is widely seen as a very soft leader. 


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