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Yusupha Jatta: The young man behind 360 Pluz
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Yusupha Jatta: The young man behind 360 Pluz

360 Pluz is one of the biggest and most popular TikTok platforms to come out of The Gambia.

Whether in the tomato gardens in villages, or busy markets in urban Gambia, 360 Pluz dominates the airwaves. But who is the man behind the platform with millions of views on TikTok?

Born and raised in Busumbala with roots in Niani Kayai, Central River Region, Yusupha Jatta attended Busumbala-Farato Lower Basic School before proceeding to Mingdaw for both Junior and senior school graduating in 2013.

He later enrolled at Stratford College of Management The Gambia from 2015 to 2017 and graduated with Higher National Diploma in International Relations and Politics.

With eyes set on sharpening his media appearance and production skills, he joined the Gambia Talents Promotion aka GTTV’s one-year internship program in 2017.

In 2021, he started his own media page, 360 Pluz Media & PR Company mainly to give a fresh breath into the Gambian media industry. Like never before seen in the media, he appears differently in news updates that involve both formal and informal news delivery, mock news, and teaser comedy just to give the audience what they have been missing.

He operates mainly on TikTok platform @360_pluz, IG: 360pluz, Facebook: 360pluz and YouTube 360pluz.

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