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22 famous people you might not know are related
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22 famous people you might not know are related

As we all know, The Gambia dafa tut, nyune nyepp bena leng. There are plenty of famous people who are related to each other.

Fatoumatta Bah-Barrow and Essa Faal

Famous people 1

First Lady Fatoumatta Bah-Barrow's brother is married to Lawyer Essa Faal's younger sister Fama Faal in the UK.

Pape Diouf and Ba Tambedou

Famous people 2

Their children are cousins. Ba Tamdedou's estranged Senegalese wife is a younger sister to Senegalese star Pape Diouf's wife.

Nyang Njie and Hon. Ousainou Darboe

Famous people 3

Famous economist and blogger Nyang Njie's aunt is opposition leader Hon. Ousainou Darboe's first wife.

Pa Modou Bojang and Sheriff Bojang Junior

Famous people 4

The CEO of Home Digital FM Pa Modou Bojang is former Gambia Press Union president Sheriff Bojang's elder brother.

Gee and Raffie Diab

Famous people 5

Award-winning rapper Gee and opposition politician Raffie Diab of the Citizens' Alliance share the same mum.

Ndey Oley Taal and Salieu Taal

Famous people 6

TV star and social media influencer Ndey Oley Taal and famous lawyer Salieu Tall are siblings.

DJ Jobz and Bakary Badjie

Famous people 7

D Jobz, whose real name is Dembo Jobarteh, is Youth and Sports Minister Bakary Badjie's brother-in-law. His sister, Awa is married to the minister.

Sait Matty Jaw and Mustapha Kah

Famous people 8

University lecturer and activist Sait Matty Jaw and former TRRC commissioner Mustapha Kah are first cousins.

Jali Madi Kanuteh and Sheriffo Kanuteh

Famous people 9

Afro-manding singer Jali Madi and actor Sheriffo Kanuteh share the same dad and were brought up in the same compound.

Chilel Jeng and Mam Jeng

Famous people 10

Famous socialite Chilel Jeng and GRTS journalist Mam Jeng share the same dad - Alieu Badara Jeng.

Harona Drammeh and Saihou Drammeh

Famous people 11

Paradise TV CEO Harona Drammeh and former Gam Petroleum boss Saihou Drammeh are cousins.

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