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AWKWARD! Ambassador Sheikh Omar Faye’s conversation with DUGA’s Ousainou Mbenga
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AWKWARD! Ambassador Sheikh Omar Faye’s conversation with DUGA’s Ousainou Mbenga

The Gambia’s ambassador to the USA, Sheikh Omar Faye (Gorr) and leader of the Democratic Union of Gambian Activists (DUGA), Ousainou Mbenga are arch political adversaries.

But the two Banjulians went face to face recently as they sat next to each other at an event organized by Gambian Christians in America.

They sat awkwardly at first, but later Gorr and Ousainou had a conversation which was really tense. Below is a transcript of that conversation in full:

 Gorr: Nangadef magh-g? Gej na la giis!

Ousainou:Mangi cool, suma raka! Yow nag?

Gorr:Santa yalla! Ana wa keur gi?

Ousainou:Nunga fa! Suma raka, so you are still working for Jammeh?

Gorr:Yes, I’m still the ambassador. Luhew?

Ousainou:I cannot still understand why you’re still working for that man?

Gorr:Are you not happy that your brother from Banjul is the ambassador in the US?

Ousainou:It’s a nice job! But what do you do anyway; sit at the office listening to online radios?

Gorr:Hilarious, just utterly hilarious!

Ousainou:Gorr, yow dou deem! Dega dega, you’re very charismatic, but you do not like the truth.

Gorr:What truth are you talking about?

Ousainou:I think you should quit and join the struggle. Remember, you were one of us. We have to make The Gambia great again.

Gorr:I am ready to quit if you promise to join me in The Gambia and force Jammeh out of the State House.

Ousainou:I never make a promise that I can't keep, that ain't me.

Gorr:So, you’re not ready to go back home and confront Jammeh?

Ousainou:Not now, we are still planning.

Gorr:By the way, what’s your take on the GDF saga?

Ousainou:There is no saga! GDF is run by honest, selfless and brave Gambians. May God continue to bless them because they are for the people.

Gorr:Hypocrisy knows no bounds!

Ousainou:What do you mean?

Gorr:Do you remember what Oustass Bun Jeng said when he came to the Independence Drive Gamu? What you do is the indicator of what you value, not what comes out of your mouth.

Ousainou:You cannot drag me through the mud. The reason why you people are still in power is because you own all the guns in The Gambia.

Gorr:Magh-g, my advice to you and all your colleagues in the struggle is – always avoid creating codes of conduct if you are not clean.

Ousainou:Suma raka, you are just an opportunist. I cannot understand how you can pretend everything is okay in The Gambia.

Gorr:Magh-g, ya graw! Do you know why Sam Sarr, Ebou Jallow and many others quit the struggle? Because it is sinking very low. Are you aware that some of your colleagues have a bullying approach to other people’s views that do not match their own as if there is only one informed opinion? Vengeful and delusional activists!

Ousainou:Then what are you?

Gorr:I am a better person than anyone of you will ever be. Patriotic Gambians are proud of me!

Ousainou:Post Jammeh era is coming. I will be at home with my bowl of puffcorn watching you on national TV apologizing to Gambians.

Gorr:Billahi, magh-g ya funny rek. And you think some of you will not also apologize? You have PPP children in your organization that were enjoying life like a British princess. They had maids that were following them anywhere they travel in the world. Please, let’s end this conversation before it gets too personal. Gambia dafa tuti!

Ousainou:Bahna. Greetings to Pierre Minteh!

Gorr:We are having an attaya session next Sunday at Sam Sarr’s house, you are invited!

Hope you enjoyed What’s On-Gambia’s gift of imagination? Bouken merr nak! 



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