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Baddibunka tycoon Alhagie Jawara dies
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Baddibunka tycoon Alhagie Jawara dies

A renowned business tycoon, Alhagie Jawara was laid to rest on Friday in a well-attended funeral held in Bakau.

Mr. Jawara, a native of Kerewan in Baddibu, dedicated his life to helping others. Unsurprisingly, his death triggered an outpouring of grief and gratitude from people across the country.

Former GRTS managing director, Tombong Saidy, one of the many prominent Gambians that attended his funeral, wrote on Facebook:  “Alhagie Jawara has been my landlord at Bakau Newtown since 2001 when we opened amRa  (www.amra.gm). He was a good man who contributed greatly in the development of this country.  He was a kind man and a philanthropist that helped 1000s of Gambians discretely.”

Another prominent Gambian, Njundu Drammeh of Child Protection Alliance also shared: “I mourn his passing onto eternity; I celebrate his unparalleled, great life on earth as well as his enviable and glorious journey to meet Allah. If the multitude that accompanies a man or woman to his or her last resting place is anything to go, a multitude that comprises not the rich and powerful but mainly the ordinary men whose live on the sweat of their brows and has the unshakeable belief in Allah, then, all praises to be to Allah for the live of Baa Alagie.”

Social media commentator, Ali Hydara told What’s On-Gambia: “I don't know him but heard a lot of good things about him. His efforts included giving free houses to poor families and providing bank statements to young Gambians who wanted to study abroad.”

Alhagie Jawara was born in Kerewan from a disadvantaged family. He moved to the Kombos in search of better opportunities and later settled in Bakau with his family. 


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