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Does Barbie Touray have a drinking problem?
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Does Barbie Touray have a drinking problem?

Barbie Touray was so drunk last weekend at Reo’s in Senegambia and apparently her friends are blaming What’s On-Gambia for it.

The socialite couldn’t handle it when the online magazine revealed that she is searching for a multi-millionaire to walk down the aisle with.

“You guys portrayed her as a gold digger, which is not true. She is from a wealthy family and there is nothing a man can give her that her family can’t,” said a source, who claimed to be close to her.

Another source who bumped into Barbie in Reo’s on Friday, a day after What’s On-Gambia’s revelation of her love life, said: “She was drunk that she can’t even stand straight.”

According to her, it was a very disturbing scene seeing Barbie downing bottles of alcohol and shouting all over the place. The Serahule girl was reportedly on a marathon booze session.

What’s On-Gambiais trying to secure an exclusive interview with the Gambian-Zambian beauty.


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