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Halifa Sallah launches door-to-door campaign
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Halifa Sallah launches door-to-door campaign

Halifa Sallah has launched what many described as the biggest door-to-door campaign in the history of Gambian politics.

Shortly after his nomination was accepted by the IEC on Sunday, the PDOIS leader visited more than 60 homes in Serre Kunda Central, shaking hands and having countless conversations with residents.

Many came out to watch him and his party supporters as they moved from one home to another.

“Halifa is a real gentleman. He was moving from door-to-door greeting people and informing them about his candidacy in the National Assembly election. We were happy to see him,” said a young voter, who vowed to vote for him on the 6th April.

He added: “I think he is going to win. There is no one better to represent Serre Kunda Central in the National Assembly than Halifa.”

According to a PDOIS insider, their leader wants to turn the page and create a new kind of politics in the country.

Halifa is one of the few prominent politicians contesting in next month’s National Assembly election. 


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