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I was raped by my uncle: A Gambian girl’s shocking revelation
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I was raped by my uncle: A Gambian girl’s shocking revelation

She was an unripe 12-year-old girl when her uncle forced her to play adult with him. She wanted to shout out but was told to shut up and suck up. Yalsha Semega Janneh is now grown and living in the US. Apparently, she could no longer keep under wraps memories that she could not come to terms with.

Yalsha took to Facebook of all public squares to break her years silence over her uncle’s rape of her body. The video she posted online generated thousands of views, with some of her friends reposting it.

According to her, she felt it was time to reveal the painful memory growing up in her uncle’s compound in The Gambia.

“It is hard to say you were violated by your uncle. Someone that is supposed to be your guardian. Someone that is supposed to be your teacher. Someone that is supposed to help you. It was really hard to talk about it. It is still hard,” Yalsha said, adding: “The same man raped my sister. This man is evil.”

She went on to confess that her family held her back from disclosing what happened to her at the age of 12.

Yalsha is yet to reveal certain specifics about the incident that happened more than a decade ago. But it seems that won’t take long.

“I have no intention of letting this man get away with it,” she said. “I don’t care if it was years back, I will still fight it to make sure that he never does it to anyone again.”

Abuse of young girls at domestic settings is reported to be quiet common in the country, but much of it is pushed under the rugs.

Yalsha, however, hopes that her story would embolden other survivors of childhood sexual abuse to come out.

She said: “If you don’t report rape, it is going to keep happening.”

And, she’s not without enormous support for her stance in a time when activism over gender-based violence is in high gear.

Famous gender activist and FGM campaigner, Jaha Dukureh, said: “You are so strong and courageous and it takes a lot strength to do what you did. Mar'Sha'Allah you are my new Shero. Your strength is inspiring and I hope this allows you to heal.”

Former Miss Gambia-USA, Yassin Faal added: “I am glad someone broke the "silence culture" and spoke out and share their story. You are brave! Your courageous and part of healing is reporting such incidence.. Am glad you got to share your story to the World... May Allah make it easy for you and I hope your family member responsible will be accounted for such demeaning behavior...”

What’s On-Gambiawas unable to confirm if Yalsha has pressed any charges against her uncle.


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