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Jola slay queen caught while trying to steal clothes and other items
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Jola slay queen caught while trying to steal clothes and other items

A Jola slay queen, Maimuna Gibba, was recently arrested by police after entering a house in search of clothes and other items that she could use for her TikTok videos.

The house owner disclosed that the 19-year-old entered the house while he was on the balcony to “get some fresh air.”

According to him, he spent only 5 minutes on the balcony. He wrote in a marathon WhatsApp status: “I spend about 5 minutes and returned to my room and proceeded to the toilet and I suddenly bumped into a 19-year-old sitting inside my bathtub. I questioned her on how she entered my house, she narrated that she had an uncle who chased her because she went out with friends at the Village along Senegambia and her uncle wanted to beat her, so she ran away and came to seek refuge in my house. But how come to my bedroom after climbing the stairs?”

The house owner continued: "On further questioning, she said she lives in Kombo Lamin, currently, but at the moment, she is staying with her aunt and uncle around the TurnTable.I asked her to give me her uncle’s number, which I dialed several times, but it turned out to be a fake number.

"I raised an alarm and my girls came in. One of my daughters identified her as someone who came into our residence last week pretending to ask for someone. Later on, we discovered that she went into the girls’ room and broke the wardrobe, and ransacked the handbags belonging to wife’s sister. Whilst she was in that room without finding anything, she quickly went into my room. Hearing me open the door, she ran into the bathroom. The girls wanted to deal with her but I restrained them. Eventually, the police arrived and took her away.”

One TikTok user disclosed: “I know this girl. She has been doing this for so long. She lives in Lamin. Dafa am a one-year-old child sah. She is a pro in stealing.”

Maimuna has since turned her Tik Tok account to private.

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